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We understand that using an external marketing agency represents a significant investment for any company. Due to this, we undertake key procedures to protect our clients, like our shared risk model. If you would like to find out more, visit our contact page, we would love to hear from you.

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The right time, the right language, the right message

There are many factors that make a campaign a success. Each project requires these factors below:

The right time - If you are working on a global campaign, it is important to take in consideration and be aware of office hours and GMT time zones, this will ensure that you can reach the key decision maker at the right time.

The right language – We generally use the English language for global campaigns however, we also utilise native speakers for European campaigns allowing us to offer a range of languages to suit any campaign.

The right message - Getting the right message is essential, but understanding what your prospects needs and challenges are key, so we will help you understand and deliver the right solution.

What our clients say

“Very pleased with the ongoing work delivered by LBE. Efficient with research, calling and updates throughout. Michael and his team do an excellent job getting through to our audience and decision makers and as a result we have seen a big improvement in appointment delivery and the population of intelligence provided on each call.”

SCC – Marketing Director